How to make tab system like chrome

how to make tabs like chrome .
i mean suppose i open fb then i open kodular and then community . this makes 3 tabs .
i want that there shall be tab switching like chrome.
pls tell me
now pls

You can choose dynamic component for this

Maybe this help you:

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thanks mt :+1:t2:
but u wrong

like this i mean
@Sumit1334 @Mohamed_Tamer

Yes it can be made with dynamic components very eaisly

but hoow
im weak at dynamic components

it is not hard to learn
the tab design looks like simple can be made eaisly

so tell na how to make else pm me a guide

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Why don’t you try, share a design you want…

Share a design I’ll try to make if I can…

ok wait :+1:t2:
edit:ok take

sorry bad at drawing
tell code for 4 tabs . they shall be horizontal scorable.
@Mohamed_Tamer @Sumit1334 @Kshitij

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just make the design in horizontal scroll arrangement

#off Topic
I will make this for u but i have lot of work cause i am going to launch my first extension
but I can make this overmorrow

It can be a mini challenge let’s see if any one can make it. Only UI of browser with working tabs dynaimc.
Edit. If you have time @Sumit1334 or @Mohamed_Tamer
Edit. Leave I’ll Start no challenge… I guess no one is free at the moment.

im free for a moment
this challenge maybe ezz
add horizontal scroll component . add dynamic cardview like that its possible partially i guess
but since u know i need help in dynamic component u can help.
am i right @Kshitij ?
well i guess i partially solved my own topic

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Well, let me handle it for the moment. I am making a design for you. Later I will pm you few tutorials on dynamic components…

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just show how u made the ui here pm me the blocks and guides etc.
i go offline and come in evry random minutes dont feel im offline

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See if this is what you wanted…
Tabs_For_Browser.aia (32.4 KB)
Mark this as the solution if this solves your problem…

thanks @Kshitij leme see

wat is this?

is it tough to understand i dont get u