How i create a card view like this?

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It’s easy… Try yourself first…

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i tried but the images i.e like,bookmark,share are not working or clickable so if u know how to create this images clickable please tell me

don’t know why it’s not working for you
PM me.

Share your Blocks related to Clicks.

i know its so long but please don’t offend :grinning: :grinning:

These are the blocks of how you make those images / cards of like, bookmark, etc.

Show blocks of how you check that it is clicked.

blocks (26)

here it is

Simply its wrong.

You need to use Any Component.

So, you made everything right
the blocks with Button
the blocks with CardView
the blocks with image
All were right.

How you was checking clicks was wrong.

i tried it with card view and button also but in case of card view image are not show and also in the case button i will show u the images

Update your Blocks like this again -

Then i will tell how to do it correctly.

here is the block as you told

Do you want add cardviews like this dynamically? If yes use @yusufcihan 's dynamic components extension. If you cant create pls let me know. But once try yourself

i already created it but my problem is bottom buttons are not clickable

How did you create buttons? With extension?

can you send me aia file?

here is the blocks

Now go to Any Components.

From there select Any Button.

And in that Select click event.

And add Notifier in it.

Can you send aia? I want to test myself

i don’ find any click event??
could you explain in brief