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:kodular: I have made categories with dynamic component. But how to do when I click on any categories it shows it’s products?
Please help me.

are categories made with images or buttons or labels?

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Dynamic Components.

are the dynamic components images, buttons or labels?

Images and label.

then use the any image click and any label click event

Try this


I am making a test Project for you. Try that and see how the blocks work and what output they give…

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What I have done is that I have added the id of these cardviews as get number and on cardview click event have set that notifier show alert. and set the alert to label text by getting id of component by adding the first text of label’ id and then get id of component that has been clicked…
Which returns me the number of the same…

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I think you can’t understand what I am saying.
This is categories

But, when user click on Biscuits in category it shows Biscuits product like this.

So, how to do this?

You do not explain how the categories are created.
Dynamic Component to Cardview or Button ?
Uses Any Card View Click or Any Button Click component. Next get the ID and if ID = 1 show your product 1 detail, if ID = 2 show your product 2 detail, so on…

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do like i said
make all labels and images clickable to r=true
when any label click
get the text and see what it is and then you can do accordingly

and same thing for image

That is what I said…
Just change the code at on any card view click event.
I can’t make the whole project for you. I showed an example to you by this method you can tell which card view was clicked.

Next, you can design a new screen and on card view click event you can open that screen with start values…

Dynamic components Card view.
@bestprintsf can you share the image of block?
So, it is easy for me.

@Aaminah_Mansuri we can’t do everything you want try something yourself

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First, try to do it yourself if you are unable to do then share your blocks we will correct your mistakes.

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this community is for help not to create a whole project for you

So, I don’t say to make a project for me.

This community is for help, but not for do your job !!!