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do like @Kshitij said

Now this going #off-topic
Please no more replies on this…
Mods will unlist this…
Focus on the topic…


Please first try yourself if you are able to do then that is well and good else you can ask your doubts on the community by posting relevant block image and your doubt.
Refer to this…


I can’t do like that. Please can anyone help me.

show how you have tried till now by sending the image of blocks

Yes, please share…

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It showing like this.

not this show your blocks

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Please post only the blocks in which the issue is not all because the image is not clear.

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if you are not getting where the error is then you have to share the project

Please check now image is clear.


your image is too and blocks are small i cant understand it maybe share your proect

On card view click event make 2 if then else blocks one for dynamic components1 and other for dynamic components2

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No, now it is visible…

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And please keep unique id for your components.

1 Like @Kshitij Hey, I am giving aia. Because I can’t do.
Can I give?

it is on you do you want to give aia file?

Dynamic.aia (2.0 MB) Please help me as soon as possible.

what error are you getting