Click on Category

its working fine for me

So, please send me that aia.

i have changed nothing its the same aia

But in when any card view click block I haven’t add any blocks. So, how it works.

what you want to do when any card view is clicked

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I hope i am the only one who is getting pm from you. Don’t do that or you will be suspended from the community.


Sorry Peter.
Please help me regarding this project.

Even me…
A billion PM.

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You should learn to have patience. It is not that we will not help… We will but just give us some time to do that…


User is suspended for 2 days because of spamming users to get attention.


I am also getting

That user was new to the community. Joined 27 Nov. Maybe that is the reason they didn’t know the community rules. Maybe you could PM them the guidelines and not suspend them.

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i think @Kshitij is right you should give him a warning

Whether he knows the rules or not, he broke them and we reserve the right to take action as you agree to the rules when you sign-up.