How can i create individual actions in Dynamic Card Views?

I need help, how can I do that when I click on a dynamic card view I can execute an action?

I leave the project here: PROBANDOOO.aia (3,6 KB)

I don’t know if I explain myself very well like this but it is that this is very specific, but what I am going to do is that the only thing I think I would need would be a block that says “call (dynamic_image1) .Get Image”
It would be something like this:

postscript: I’ve only been programming with blocks for a few months and is possible what my questions are ridiculous xd

Thank you. I removed your other topic.

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Would you like to explain more about your project?

because this is creating confusion

I already have the solution, you can delete the topic

Maybe share it here so others can learn. That’s the purpose of a community like this.


The solution is very easy. By simply changing the block “call (dynamic_image1). Get image” to “call (dynamic_label1). Get text”, I wanted to use this block to identify the “dynamic cards” individually.
Since the “call (dynamic_image1) block does not exist unless you use an extension, the bad thing is that using the” call (dynamic_label1) block. Get text “is that it is mandatory that the” dynamic card “has a text, in case you don’t want a text below, just change the label to” size = 0 ".
I don’t know if it really helps someone because I think it’s very specific, but if it served you well xD

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