3 buttons In one dynamic Component

Hey coders,
I am using dynamic components extension in my project
and i am creating status app with 3 dynaminc buttons, 1. like, 2.download, and 3. share

but there is only one block and that is - When Any Button Click
But I dont Know how to find that which button was clicked

please help e about this…

While creating a button u should give it a unique ID
For example id of like button may be given using join text button
See here Id = like (number) here number represents your local/global variable showing loop run

And for download button u have id = download (number)

And whem any button clicked u can check
If component contains like (using contains text block from text blocks) if it contains like then exchte respective commands… Or if it contains download then execute download commands

Also u can find its block examples in Dynamic components extension thread… But i recommend u to try yourself and learn :blush:

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Thanks For Help…
Thanks A lot…

can you pls show me block i cannot understand

Check this Topic -
i tried to explain someone the same.

i have 3 buttons in each cardview
1.like 2.download 3.share

when user click
then howw would I know which button was clicked
and from which cardview

Alot of threads are there with complete solution but u didn’t search and read documentation of Dynamic components extension

Please seee here

• How to get component on click


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