5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

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cant load image from url in simple list view please help me

As, I said you in PM, that maybe due to your url, as it dosen’t start from http or https.

And did you tried Image Loader Extension ?

Yes, as I remember, it must start from http/https

Do you know how to get the selected data when the user clicks from the dynamic? I did it for 2 days but only got the first item in the list

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Refer this aia for how to set blocks for click event for each dynamically created list item.

DynamicComponents.aia (330.9 KB)

This block shows the name of list item (Title) in the Notifier with respect to the selected list item.


ok tq brooo

green color blocks.where i found…which starts( set Horizontal Arrangement …of component…to)

In Any components.

At the last of your all blocks.

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Thanks @The_K_Studio for that contribution, I have added it to guide :blush:

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i trying this blocks simple list view with icons…if showing list item can i make anather blocks here? then what is the blocks? please help for sugession…

I can’t Understood what you said, Are you getting any error ?

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This is exactly what you want:

i just asking? the blocks which you made. that is final or any other blocks should make there…and what is design ? can you show me…

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I like to arrange the procedure in this way, because they are many, and is easy to repeat components like space etc.

My app is under construction and @themaayur method helped me a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Everything is in the first post blocks/aia and if you want to modify/change the design you need to use your own logic.

I also Arrange them like You did it make Easy To Understand and even Blocks Look Small thought And Nice Ui But Its scheme to Slow.

hmm, there was a error, i fixed it just now



List is Loading slowly.

@VSatish no actually i kodded it like only when the image is loaded, it will get the next list, or else it will miss some images and some will not appear

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