Get Dynamic Component Text Label Value

I have created 8 horizontal arrangement and text labels using dynemic components.

I want following things:
When I am click on any horizontal arrangement so I want to Alert label text.

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this will help??

Refers this example :point_down:

It uses When any Card View. Click event instead you can use When any Horizontal Arrangement.Click event.
Also make other changes like component id accordingly as per your need

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@KA12161141 Do you use dynamic component by @yusufcihan ?

Yes I. Using it.

Then did you tried this? :point_down:

Use any horizontal arrangement click to get id of list.

Like @Vaibhav say

try logic like thisblocks (11)

:question: :question:

What you mean :question: :question:

I didn’t get your applied logic here that’s why…
Instead the blocks quoted in my reply are simple and basic, I think…
Though let’s wait for @KA12161141 to reply…

@sugarlesscreator the blocks that you have posted you know that can cause an error easily if the component is not dynamic then error will occur so you should also include if then to check Is component dynamic

You are right @Sumit1334 . This is just an example of logic, using only one dynamic component

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sorry if i am wrong, i am just quoting your comments. and provide examples of logic in this case.

Ok, we will wait @KA12161141

Can you explain the logic @sugarlesscreator of your blocks?
Since @KA12161141 wanted extract the text and show the same in an alert, in what way your blocks fulfil the condition?
It will help me and other users also.

I am asking this since @KA12161141 has marked your reply as solution.

dynamicHA.aia (23.2 KB)

this project is just an example.
In this case @KA12161141 wanted to click any horizontal arrangement and display a warning text in it.

For the best solution, use a card view and place the horizontal arrangement in it (fully clickable).

please check if i am wrong.


Thanks this helpful :+1:

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