When click Any Button Problems

I have made a cardview in such a card using Dynamic Components cardview Extensions, in which 4 button is included in card view , I have a difficulty in cardview, I have a problem ith this, I expected to come from 4 separate different results after I have done this different 4 button. Because of the one-click any button is the only option for using this .But that results in the same time. I need a 4 button’s consequence, please help.

You can seperate the click of each button by getting it’s respective Id when it is clicked. And then separate the task with help of if...then statements. Something like this :point_down:


image source ---- How to add click listener in two differents buttons in dynamic components please help me - #2 by Srrazmi


not working

Using Above Method Required That Told @Vaibhav You Need To Just Create Each Button Contain Some Text That’s Unique


Thank you very much

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Another doubt is, how do I copy and share text from dynamic labels in dynamic componets by clicking the dynamic button ??