How to add Unlimited Tab In Your Browser Application with Individual Tab Remove Option

in this simple tutorial, i will show you how you can add unlimited Tab in your browser application.

1st i’ll design a basic web browser application. image given below is the screenshot of the app which we are going to use in this tutorial. if you need the aia then scroll down to download.

now the see the block section

first we have to declare a global variable and initialize the vertical arrangements to bottom sheet menu and colin tree list view.

now the next part is to open the bottom sheet menu to show available tabs. here we will use menu label to open bottom sheet menu and when user clicks on add button, system will show a text input notification.

after getting response from text input we will use “Got Text Input From Dialog” block to load website and add that response as a new tab. if the response contains keyword like http:// or https:// then it will directly search the url or else it will search as a normal google search

when user loads any url then it must be visible in a textbox so that we will know which website is currently loaded. and also we have to remove that individual tab if any user clicks on any particular tab remove icon. in the below image i have use remove item from list and Remove Element block from colin tree extension

now at last the final step is to load the tab url in a web viewer if user clicks on any tab element.

i know its not the best tutorial, but this is the best i can do for now.

Video Tutorial - YouTube

Download AIA - Tech CVR - How To Add Unlimited New Tab In Your Browser Application


Very nice, as always


Where is the AIA File Now…

There is a video…:point_up:


Also you can recreate the blocks, no need for an aia