Search View with Position(Dynamically)

After lot of logic koded app is successfully built.
This app allows to search inbuilt with position tracking(something like whatsapp and telegram)

I have created two screens first is for test with position number(for learners how I built the logic)
and second is final screen with modern search.

You can use for search(looks cool than common search).

Video :- Screen1

Video :- Screen2

Click on “switch” button in app to change screens

Thanks to :-

Collintree for Scroll handler extension
Atom Developer for List finder extension
Yusufcihan for Dynamic component extension
Shreyash for Phase extension

Yes I have used this four extensions.
If you like plz give a :+1:

Test app - PositionSlider.apk (5.5 MB)

Project File - PositionSlider.aia (192.5 KB)


Great work where is aia?

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Uploaded :grinning:

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