How to Make TextBox with Raised Hint

Yes it Looks same in all the Devices.

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i love you too much br o

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I Think I Really Create A Great Design With Help Of This Guide Thanks To Respected Koder @ADDYLIN


Wow :upside_down_face:

The Design is looking Great :clap:

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Thanks @Maayur​:star_struck:

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It was really good.
Congratulations on the app designer.
And congratulations to @ADDYLIN for the guide.


@ADDYLIN My new Project has very nice looking textboxs :grin:

Thx to you :blush:



Really WoW

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Hey :kodular:oders,

Thankyou to everyone for Liking my work and Using it for making some EyeCandy UIs.
@Mr.Arshad.In and @themaayur your UI looks Very Good.

i Updated the Guide; :slightly_smiling_face:
Instead of using DecorationComponent i got that using StrokeWidth and StrokeColor Property of the CardView is more Flexible to work with the Corner Radius and Border Width.

And this Flexibility led to some more Creative Designs.
[ Definitely you can be more Creative :sweat_smile: ]

Head to Post1 under

to check what new designs i tried to make.



which font are you using in text box hint ??

I LOVE IT​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

This Raised TextBox Makes My App UI GREAT :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


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I used the same :grin:

I forgot, let me check :sweat_smile:

P.S : Actually I have removed that font as I used another font, and I am unable to find it in my PC :sweat_smile:


Thanks so much for sharing your work and knowledge !!!
I needed something like that to update my app.
:thumbsup: :white_check_mark:

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Do you have its AIX format?

This is not an extension. it’s a guide on how to do it with Kodular standard built in components and blocks.


Arshad Can you share your aia file. I want to make 10-14 Textboxes but working with Designer gets difficult with so many components…

Make One And Duplicate It.

And Also Try Use These :point_down:, They Are Surely Helpful.

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i use this guide it’s ok but on some phones it doesn’t work

do you know why?

probably because its not responsive in some devices try this extension - [Free Extension] Responsive App Size Extension (Best Update V3.0)

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