How to make this list output more simple

Hi guys.

I’m still a freshman, although I’ve “developed” a functional game app. But I have a simple question about lists and their output and changes. I’ve put together blocks that work the way I want. Can I do that simpler?

I would like to generate a correspondingly long password, depending on how many characters the user wants to use. Because of the block I created there is a restriction to 8 to 12 characters, otherwise the block will be very long.

Sorry if Someone don’t likes the Reply after 11months. :slightly_smiling_face:
Found the Unanswered Topic Accidently.

As i understood from your Blocks,
the first character for the password is chosen from the list - letters
the last character is chosen from the list - numbers
rest remaining in between characters are chosen from the list - totalcharacters

blocks (6)


In the meantime I’m of course a lot further. I had already forgotten this thread

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