How to make this type of pop up?

I know I have to use a pop-up component but I don’t know how to set up blocks.

Use this extension

It worked but how to stop dialogs from repeating again and again?

After the 3 sec of Screen Initializing, I am showing a pop-up dialog after dismissing the dialogs it keeps repeating again&again in 3-sec intervals how to stop that?

I want to show dialogs only one time.

it would be much faster to find a solution if the blocks were published. magic is forbidden outside of Hogwarts, we don’t know what blocks you have

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Here’s my block

In this VA you add your requirements then try

you said 3 seconds after starting the screen. you don’t show it there.

turn off the timer that triggers it

If I turned off the timer, how can I show a pop dialog after 3 sec of the Screen Initializing?

Can you pls share the aia file? I did the same but after dismissing the dialog it keen showing again & again in 3sec intervals

if you did it the same it should not be repeated, upload your complete blocks, to see where you’re wrong

Thank you for your support it worked after I set ( When Alph1 dialog on Dismissed do Clock timer Enable to false