How to make this types card view ui design


card view ui design

I think you should start creating UI Daily Challenges :joy:


once i also asked a similar Question
asking how to make CardView with more than 4 sides

But at the end i was suggested to use svg’s.


As far as i know At present this is the only best way to achieve this

Create a grid view with three columns… Create cards in them, create a vertical arrangement set its height and width to fil parent and then use an image of this above shape pentagaone with same colur

Then create your desired lables in that arrangement

And for the special arrangement of cards as seen in screenshot u can add a lablel in the start of middle coloumn that pushes the cards a liutle below to match the requirements.

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if you achieve making this design don’t forget to share the results.

i want to see.

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Yes This Is Possible Using CrissCrossView But This Is Not Available In Kodular Or Any Builder Excluding Casagbic