How to make this types ui design

this types ui design make in kodular

First Card -
a Vertical Arrangement
a Card View inside it
a image inside it
a Label inside it

Second Card-
a Card View inside Vertical Arrangement
One more Card View inside the last Card View
Use Decoration Component to Give Red Border to the Card View.
a Horizontal Arrangement inside the Card View
2 Card Views inside Horizontal Arrangement
Decoration Component to Set Red Border of Both Card Views
One Label inside each Card View

Last - A Background image.

and link box

which one

past link

it was not in First image.

copy image

Label inside the Card View

linkbox not used

Use Textbox Component.

Set it’s Hint Property.
Hint Color - Grey.
Hint Text - Paste Link.

ok i try it

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Just do some experiments. It’s fun. You will learn more than this
There are lots of topic related UI. Just search

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Main Problem was TextBox.
UI was Just wrong word used.

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Ok got it :+1:

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