How to make thumbnails for Images

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So my question is how we can make thumbnails for images? you might not understand my question so here is an explanation for my question :

The gallery app in our mobile phone creates a copy of the images and compresses or crops them to make a specific sized thumbnail for all the images.

These thumbnail are then used by the app to show images in the home screen of app.

I want to do the same. So please help me to achieve this functionality for my app. Thanks

I still didn’t get, what you mean :face_with_monocle:

You wanna make a gallery app?

Maybe try this


the images in the storage are not of the same size. They have different dimensions. The gallery app creates a copy of those images with specific dimension that it can use.

I will check and let you know

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I dont want to make a gallery app.

Thanks alot @dora_paz Its working. Thanks

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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So you need images of less dimensions , Rights ?

Yes this will work in my case

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