How to make user go to new screen every time in webview on page load?

I think it will accept prior url, not the next one

:thinking: Please read my reply again. I guess you misunderstood.

When i try live, it opens same screen as on previous screen, not the forming screen
when i try using built app, page keeps reloading
(Please note that screen 3 is second screen and 2 is first, for some reason)


what i want is that if user click link A which takes him to link B, then B should open in next screen, not link A. Your solution is for same?

If you only have A and B… yes but no more letters and it’s the same solution @asimjib93 gave you

I tested it. This is what you needed. The moment user will click on the link, he will redirected to another screen. You can modify it as per your need.

Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:

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I have tried many times using different combinations, but it does not work for me. By the way, which blocks did you use for screen 3?

On screen 3, call Web_Viewer and put start value which you will be getting from first screen. It will work.

Like this?

Yeah. Like this.

How much screens? every link click has same screen where user naviagted or diffrent screen?
10 links= 10 screen
10 links= 1 screen

This seldom works at its own will so now I am exhausted and dropping the idea. It is better to use 4-5 banner ads and use to load them one after one