How to make Webview for Android TV Using Remote Control Instead Mouse?

What I need to do is something simple, but I can’t get any information on how to do it using kodular.

I have a movie website 100% responsive, and on the homepage there is only the login and password field.

The user needs to enter username and password, and can browse the site, and watch videos.

To put this website on cell phone is simple, I can use the webview or the custom webview. But for Android TV I didn’t find a solution to do without needing to use a mouse.

That is, or is it not possible? Can someone help me?

I can type in the user and password fields, and also search using the remote control. If yes, how to do it? I really appreciate any help.

In This Case, I do not Recommend You Use WebView. Create an App With UI & Functionality.

If You Need Help Docs & Community Is Always There to Help You