How to make WhatsApp Stickers App?

WhatsApp Stickers Apps are in trend now. I want to ask if anyone has any idea or extension to create that app in Kodular/App Maker. We have use many WhatsApp API already. There’s also WhatsApp Stickers API - stickers/Android/app/src/main/java/com/example/samplestickerapp at master · WhatsApp/stickers · GitHub
Anyone can make extension using the API or have any other idea to make WhatsApp Stickers App feel free to share.


No problem bro

I think it is not possible
Because I guess we can not generate images with transparency

But we can make an app like personal Whatsapp stickers. Where we can add our own stickers. There are already apps in Play store. You can check it out.

Well if the sticker wouldn’t be created with the app I believe there is not any problem.

i want to try something to make sticker app for whatsapp. i just wanted to know the path of the sticker where whatsapp store his own stickers.
if anyone knows the path then do share the sticker file path, ill create sticker app and share aia here


this maybe help you

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But, how can we make this without transparent stickers?

use png files

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How can we create the pack and add it to whatsapp? (I know there is an paid extension but I prefer doing by me)

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Where did you see this extension? I am so interested in making such kind of app with kodular…

And without extension it is not possible.

protip: do a search in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps or here in the community

Hi there, I am probably responsible for half of the views in you extensions directory :joy:

I have knowledge about this extension since long time ago - there is even a comment of mine at thunkable official topic about the extension. But I have tried to contact the developer many times and he never answered.

Just to confirm, I searched for it again now and there is another user saying that it doesnt’t work and apparently the developer doesn’t intend to update it anymore.

Also, I am since last year trying to find someone to make a similar extension - see here: Budget for extension , but I could never find someone :sweat: