How to manage the csv file

I learn to create csv file, and it was created.
And now I want to read it back again, but how?
Please teach me what should I do, to read and update again this file…


Use the file component to read the file and convert it into a list for easier modification
It might be more useful to store the data as list in TinyDB…

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Actually I already use the file component.
To store the data. And on the same screen, I would like to read and update it.
But can’t see the data by notifier component, like this figure…
My understanding, because the csv file already created, the initial screen can read the file, when we get back to this screen.

sorry for my BIG mistake, it’s because I’m using block screen menu initialize it should be screen initialize.
please forgive for this newbie :smile:

please close this, I will need learn kodular very much

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