How To Match Positions

Hey Everyone !!

I Am Using List view Image And Text And FireBase To Get List

I have A Problue That The List View Count Position From 0 And

lists_select_item <<<< Idex Start From 1

How To Match It ?



Here Is A Problem Postions Start From 0 And Index Start From 1

use a + block and add 1 to get the correct index


Can You Please Explain Me By Block

@Peter Sir Where Are You ? I Miss You


It’s Not Work Sir

Because If I Select The List No. 5 Then It’s Will Be Add 1 Into 5 And It will Be 6

The index of list view starts from 0. Means if you select 5th item from list it will return the position as 4. Now you want to select 5th item using the Select list item block so you need to add 1 to 4.
I hope you understand.
Try to do it. If it fails then post all your blocks image to the community.

Thank You So Much Sir , It’s Working Fine

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