How to Merge 1 List item to Another

Hey Guys, I want to merge 1 list item to another. Let Suppose I have 3 Variable List, A,B,C. List A has Item1, item2, List B has Item3, item4. So I want to Merge List A, List B Value to List C

[P.S:- I’m Confuse between Add item to list and append to List ]

Use this one

Maybe like this


What if i had multiple item in List . as far as i know append to list let only 1 element to add into list

yes exactly let me impliement into my project, then i will tell you

Hey Dora I Impliement as You said, but I don’t know it’s not working. Can You Please take a look into my aia file…
iVideo.aia (649.7 KB)