How to no user phone number

how to no user phone number because firebase can’t work with me

the message is not clear. could you explain it better? if you don’t know English, you can use Google Translate. :blush:

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Oh, sorry. I want know the user phone number because if i asked him he maybe write another number

I don’t think you can get a phone number through the app without the user’s consent, however there may be, perhaps, an ad hoc extension. search the forum.

I think OTP by firebase will be ok , But I have problem when I export the app and searched here but i get no solution
so please help

then I very much doubt it’s possible. it would be better to ask for a number, as happens on whatsapp.

Yes , but I can’t add verification code by google firebase

the otp code is randomly generated.

I do not understand

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this happen when i use firebase my friend

from what you write to me, during the compilation of the app an error occurred in implementing firebase in the application. is the google-services file present? is the api key right? check that it is correct.

Realtime Database work well, I will check package name again tell you

Also same problem

Please search in community about your problem

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