How to not ask user permission to read data?

I am using image utilities component, images load in async fashion. (Images are taken from a link in csv sheet.)
But app is asking user for permission to read data. Now, if a user selects no, then images don’t load at all.

I dont want to ask users for permission to allow app to read data. Because if a user selects no, then images wont load at all and that wont look good.

If you are reading images from user phone, certainly you have to ask permission then only Google will allow your app.

There has to be some solution to this?
because if a user selects no, then images wont load at all and wont look good.

I have seen other apps they use image utilities but don’t for file permissions. How they do it?

Why not create a notification that if they select “no” the images won’t load?

Ask the developers of those apps.

You have to download images to application specific directory to let your app read (load) them without permission.

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Can you show how that can be achieved with blocks?

I forgot there’s a mess with permissions. Some components are projected to ask for permission even if its not needed. My solution may be wrong, cause of bad appinventor components design.

If internal storage doesn’t provide enough space to store app-specific files, consider using external storage instead. The system provides directories within external storage where an app can organize files that provide value to the user only within your app. One directory is designed for your app’s persistent files, and another contains your app’s cached files. On Android 4.4 (API level 19) or higher, your app doesn’t need to request any storage-related permissions to access app-specific directories within external storage. The files stored in these directories are removed when your app is uninstalled.

From Android documentation. You can try it, but i have no time to show you the logic - it’s pretty simple.

Cannot follow along this guide :confused: .
Kindly help me with this when you get time, I am waiting for your response.
I edited android manifest xml file that requests for read permission. Even after that it is asking user for permission.
how to fix this?
When we upload image assets to kodular and user downloads it along with apk then app does not ask for read permission.
can we have a similar arrangement for image utilities?

Download the images into the ASD. The Image_Utilities component does not request READ permission for the ASD (in contrast to the Image component).

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Hi, thanks for your response, much appreciated :+1:

I have few questions though,
I will be downloading image files from a list of links, so, how will I name them?
To avoid any conflicts I would like to store and name them in the order with which they are extracted.

Can you guide me through this?

Thanks in advance.

What should be the difference to your previous approach (when you downloaded the images to the external storage)?

So show your blocks.

I did not save image to external storage, I simply used image utility component and set the path to image link.

Why should READ permission be required for this?
There must be another reason for this. Another component or extension requests this permission. As I said, show your blocks and / or tell us which components / extensions are used.

EDIT: I checked it again. You are right. READ permission is falsely requested.

Yes, now whats the solution??
I am using Efile extention by vknow360 (Someone in the community told me that using this extension wont ask users permission to read files, as I am uploading csv file and reading data from that file. So I am using this extension)
Another extension I am using is very popular Dynamic component extension.

I saw your extension of ASD, can your extension help us achieve this, if yes, how?

Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, it will work without asking permission untill storing items in local directory

Something like this:

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Maybe this will help you.

You also might want to try this: