How to obtain ONLY specific data from API

I am creating a covid19 for my projects.

I am using the following API to fetch the latest covid19 data for my app

Since the API contains hundred of countries data, I am having difficulty to obtain only specific country from the list - I only want the “NewConfirmed” data from the country: Spain from the list.

This is what I have tried:

Seeking some advice and suggestion.

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Hi welcome,
Try without json. Response content looks simple text (I can’t see all content)

Try with these block

I’m shure it need some adjustments, but work

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Another way is using JsonUtils extension


Its works, but my question is, how do you obtain index: 157? Any tips?

Hi I am building a covid19 apps and using this API to fetch data

I have done the following block to show data of “TotalConfirmed” cases in Spain, its working well, the numbers come out. But its comes out as 248469 which is not convenient to read. How do I made it to show as 248,469 (with a comma). Any advice? This is my progress…

Probably TextUtils extension is able to do that.

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If you search then you will find it

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I tried that extensions, but still have problem, the numbers is now not showing

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That did the trick, thanks !

I am making covid-19 apps. Currently constructing the statistic of countries with most cases using this API:

Is it possible to create auto insert the list from the API. I want to create top 20 countries of most cases. This is my current progress, but it took time to duplicate all 20 same block.

Seeking for advice.

Why are you creating multiple topic for one app. Ask all the questions in one topic.

Can any TL4 user/moderator close the topic.

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Creating more then one topic about the same question could get you suspended from the community. Don’t do that again. Stay with one. I unlist and close this.

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