How to open another app

How to launch youtube on an app made with kodular without any extensions

This guide will help you

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@iamwsumit is right I also use this guide for open another application from my app

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You dont need to use these two extra property this can be done by only action and data uri like this


yes it will work
but here it is said to use like it

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how to open youtube in cardview

i tried errror 601 no corresponding activity waqs found

in kodular go to components–>google --> youtube player use it inside card view

show the blocks

yeah but my idea had changed and im using webviewer youtube inside cardview and if yhe user play viedio in webviewer how to get the url of viedio in label text

url of video is your choice
put the url in label do you mean you need the url of web viewer

also sorry do as @iamwsumit said its home url if an user cick viedio from home url then i need to get url of playing viedio

not working for this url


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you are changing your idea of video playing thus change title to
“how to play you tube video” which is main idea here

yes but nothing is working

i can’t understand

i used everything android.intent.action.VIEW android.intent.action.MAIN deephost applauncher and many

if it feel bad to community i cazn delete this post