How To open App(Made By Kodular) Through Another App?

(Ujjwal Jain) #1

How To open App(Made By Kodular) Through Another App ?

(Shreyash) #2

Can you explain your question in a more detailed manner?

(Nikhil27B YT) #3



Are you saying that you want your app(made with Kodular) to appear in the list of possible apps, when any user try to share some content from another app?

If yes, then I don’t think it’s possible with Kodular at present time.

May be possible by editing the manifest file of your app. But I am not sure and also don’t know how to do this.

(Leon ) #5

Do you mean that you can jump from one app to another?
So, for example, a click on a button opens another app (made by Kodular)?


use the activity starter
see also Using the Activity Starter



I think @ujjwaljain604 want to say this :point_up: (A guess though). And if it is the case then I think its not even possible with Activity starter.

(Pablo Almeida) #8

If I understood you correctly you must use activity starter.
But you could only do that it the other app is an app created by you…

Or your app is something like a browser or messenger and you want, for example, when people click at a link on whatsapp the link open with your website?


that’'s not correct
you only have to use the correct package name of your Kodular app to start it, see also