How to open apps and external links by kodular webview?

I created an application using customwebview in kodular recently, but when trying to open a button on my html site that opens the whatsapp application, the button does not respond, I click several times without response, how do I get the button to open the whatsapp application?

I have done all this, my website is already working via customwebview, I even have push notifications with one signal, but inside I have a button that redirects you to whatsapp with an automatic message filled in, as if it were a delivery app, the problem is that even enabling deeplinks in customwebview it does not open anything, I tried to use a direct link with apiwhatsapp, it opened but crashed soon after, the page gave an error saying ERR_UNKNOW_URL_SCHEME, but on desktop it opens correctly, or even through the common browser android

Have u disabled multiwindow?
What’s your website?

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my website is:
i tried it once but it was with another code, i’m trying with different codes, i used one that is more direct with just the root link and an image, i used another one that was a script generated by a different website, which gave answer to redirect was the direct link, I still have to make a button for you to test if you are going to enter, but when entering it fails and presents the error that I mentioned above, I will try to disable the multiwindow to test again, can you remind me how to do it please friend?

correction: I put a side gif banner on the mobile site for you to test, you’ll know which one it is when you see it, lol.

You have to disable it from blocks after setting a webview as active.

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Didnt checked this? Clearly mentioned here

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Omg ty very much <3 worked i love u guys @pkalyan and @vknow360 ty ty ty ty ty <3 wooow

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