How to open one signal push notification containing a URL in my webviewer app and not in the default browser?

I have a Wordpress Website with OneSignal. Recently, I have created a WebView App for it. And successful to send push notification whenever I create a new post. But the push notification allows a user to open in the default browser not in the App. Tried many things. Didn’t work.

You have to use this extention instead of kodular default webview componet. & you have to set deeplink to true

That does not enables url receiving.
It is enabled by default and you can’t hide your app from appearing in browser’s list.

That was also a what should he do

Compile a different version which does not add your app in list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, thank you very much for the help. Really appreciate it. But, coming to the main point of the question: how will I make the a notification sent to the device to open in the webviewer app instead of the default browser. I am new to Kodular and I it would be really very nice of you all to show the blocks that I can implement it. Here is my aia file attached.WebApp.aia (55.8 KB)

i have the same question guys. how will I make a notification sent to the device to open in the webviewer app instead of the default browser.
kindly help guys. i really dont know what to do. since 5 days i stuck on the same thing and all useless.
kindly explain in detail, because i am new in kodular.

Hey Sunny, can you please elaborate and help me out with the blocks, because from the past few days, I have tried a lot, but still the push notification url opens in the browser instead of the app. Thanking you so so much…

Tried this block, but didn’t work… Tried a lot with this and other blocks also. I have been into this from the last week. Please help me out guys… Need help…

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Here is your answer @Billion_Logic @deepanshu_madan
I suggest you to read the topic.

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I tried, it is not working.

I sent push notification through one signal, the url is not opening in app.

any idea how to do it?