How to open Web WhatsApp using WebViewer?

How can I open “” using Web View where I can scan the code to use whatsapp on the app?

Set desktop site to true then add home url of what’s app web if you want a demo app or aia reply now ok

I tried that way, didn’t helped me out. If you can, would be great

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Ok I will send you an aia ok

@Ronnie Checkout this aia :point_down:

WhatsApp.aia (68.0 KB)

Extension Used:- CustomWebView by @vknow360 for Fullscreen Videos.

It will work


Works perfectly fine. ThankYou

One more thing if I can ask, can I change the ACCENT COLOR using blocks? If yes, how?

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Go to Screen 1 you will find out Accent Color in Designer Section


yeah but I want to make a function/procedure using blocks section, is it possible to do so?

I don’t think so because I could not find a block for changing accent color through blocks !!!

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