How to open website by click on button

How can i open the link like website by click on button. Example :- if i click on the button then open a website.
How can i do this please reply

Use the activity starter for the Click button and open website another use a custom chrome

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3 way you can do that

  1. You can use activity starter or
  2. you can add a web viewer and on button click redirect user to any link you want
  3. Use chrome custom tab component to load url

I hope it can help.


I also said the this methods to him

Please tell me bri

Google n youtube is your friend… you will get plenty of tutorials about that. And before trying don’t aak someone to do your job. That way you won’t learn new things. You feel awesome if you do it all by yourself.

Check this image its a very easy data uri is your link :white_check_mark:


Thanks bro

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