How to open website through my app, not chrome

I made a webview app.

The problem is that I created a button to share ‘current url’, and since the users who receive the link open the website through Chrome without downloading my app.
I want people to download my app and then visit my website through my app. That’s because I can earn ad-mob profits.

Therefore I want to make app like this.

  1. If the person who receives the link doesn’t have my app, open the Google Play Store page to download the app.
  2. If the person who receives the link already has my app, open the app and open that website.

Is there a way to do this? I can’t find any ways to solve this problem.

Okay that’s called deep linking i hope i am right .

I think you want app like quora or something like youtube to open url directly in your app.

You can Check it this topics

But i think not possible now in kodular apps to deeplink with your website

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You can do this using deeplink.

I don’t know if it’s possible but you will have to detect that using your website

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1.deephost not allowed in community
2.he doesn’t make full extension as it supports only 2 links .aix and .aia

Oh sry I don’t know about it…i just watched this and think that it’s work with any extension .aia .aix .mp4 .mp3 etc…

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I am trying to solve this problem and reading lots of things.

I’ve downloaded aia and aix but I still can’t solve it.
It’s difficult for me. Plz help me.

Deep Host related questions are not allowed here.

@Ken’s extension works in your app for other apps.
Like if a URL starts with whatsapp:// then it will open Whatsapp.

Oh sorry. I deleted his youtube part. Then can I ask you why? :thinking:

I am still struggling to solve this problem. I think this part is a little bit difficult to me.
Please if someone knows how to do it, show me some detail code.

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