How To Open Youtube Website In Chrome?

Using Activity Starter, I can open websites in Chrome EXCEPT for Youtube as it opens the app.
Any work around for this?

Also, even WebView does not let me open youtube website in Chrome, instead it opens youtube app.

If the app is the problem, is it possible to temporarily disable an app so my app does not redirect there?

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Try this in Incognito Mode:

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I have tried this already, unfortunately it does not work. Even the mobile version does not work as well ( also (YouTube)

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I just tried and working in Incognito Mode.

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Opening a web page in incognito mode in chrome using Activity Starter?

I need it to open a regular tab (not incognito), but how do you open in incognito? I might use it as a last resort in case nothing else works.

I didn’t tried in Kodular app, I tried in Chrome.

There might be some way to do that. You can use custom web view.