How to parse a m3u url

How to parse a m3u file / url

i need title , image , url . I think those are not possible with this extension .

Is there any api ti convert m3u to json/csv . i googled a lot but can’t find any api

For testing you can use tthis

Yes, above method will not… let we wait for some other to reply and i am withdrawing my post.

Javascript provides such ito i think

How to use this on kodular

But I tried with just replace block, split text at space, select list item list to get required data

Index 16 gives me title

Looking like this? May be other method is there but I tested in mobile itself… so

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Nice. my list have around 100 entries it may be too diffichult to do like this isn it ?

Can you expand that block

As i said i tested with single url, i am not sure with how it will work with multiple result… i hope running that js 2ill resolve or some other member to reply you the best

I found a way with php but always shows some errro on top

how to remove this

If your m3u gives as dictionary it will be very easy to get

check this

Can you give me a source code of this converter?