How to parse some text?

Can anybody make an extension for getting specific text from a given text
Like we have to set 3 things
Text - The whole text
From - From where to start
To - Till what text

Text: (hello){abcd}
From: (
To: )

Result: hello

I have not understood exactly but i tgink that baout u rae talking is can be done by segment block

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Cn you please provide some blocks for this?

Like getting hello from (hello){title}
This might be useful if we want to store the title, body, name of the user etc… In a single tag

wait i am doing

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then why not store them in a list or dictionary?

In simple words I want to get text from
Note: the word text and abcd can be of any length

use the parse method



You can use Parse available on Device Utilities.

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Wow that’s exactly what I wanted!
Thanks a lot @Taifun

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