How to pick multiple image at a time?

Hello, i know i can pick image with image picker but what if i want to pick more than one image in one go? how to do that…?

As far as I know, that isn’t possible at this time.

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I believe; almost everything can be done with AI2 distributions. (with after some research. :sweat_smile:) I haven’t tested it yet but I hope this helps :wink:

With Extension:

Without extension:

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Well thanks for the extension link yusuf but i don’t understand how to use it?

You can download aia from the extension’s page. And you can learn how to use it.


My understanding of this extension is it allows you to choose more than the AI ImagePicker default maximum of 10 images.
However it doesn’t allow you to choose them all at 1 time.

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Yes exactly because i want to chose them all at once.


did you solve this problem ???

And what should be done with the images afterwards (after several images have been selected)?

The same question as before.

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Continuing the discussion from How to pick multiple image at a time?:
The images will be uploaa to firbase storage

The images will be uploaa to firbase storage

I will upload these images to firebase storage

I am currently working at AI2. Hence the blocks from there.
So list the images from a certain folder (plus subfolders if necessary), dynamically generate as many Image.Pictures as lenghtOfList and display these images (e.g. in horizontal arrangements). Now you can make these images clickable, put them in a list and upload them (list items) to Firebase.


Of course you have to use “Any component” (not like in my example).


Is there a more illustrative example?

did you solve this problem ???

Hi @sherif
You can try setting EXTRA_ALLOW_MULTIPLE value to true in Extras property of Activity Starter.
But as docs say that its result is returned in Clip Data and we don’t know AI2’s Activity Starter supports/returns Clip Data or not so I can’t say it will work or not.
Give it a try and let us know the result :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings to you
In this way, I have to prepare a folder containing pictures. This will be difficult for the user to do
Greetings to you
Can you help me with this problem

Has anyone found a solution for this?
I need this too