How to pick same random item from list?

Hello everyone ,
I want to ask how to get same item from list when first one is picked as random .

For example in above picture ,
If for lable1 if index is selected to 3 how can i also get 3 in bottom1 text ?

use global variable for this, set global variable to pick item no then for both use get variable

like this,


Thankyou sir but global variable works on 1st time only if i use on click it doesnt works thats why ?

set on when any button click too, when any button click set global no again to pick a random item

Like this sir ?

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yes like this,

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Thankyou sir :wink:

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And sir how to remove picked item and make new list with remaing items

use remove list item option,
for example

then also reduce numbers from list no, for exemple you have 4 numbers, then after removing an quiz from list also reduce number from list no

use this block, in initialize


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