How to play .m3u8 file

Hello guys, is there any extension or mathod to play

.m3u8 file on my app

Why don’t you guys search the community before posting??

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This is great :+1::+1:

But it’s so costly :sob::sob::sob:

Fun Fact : I already know about this extension :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Not everything you want is free!!!

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Thanks for your support and Suggestion :relaxed::relaxed:

Sorry to reply late. My new job demanded many hours from very early in the morning.
@Vaibhav said is right, but not is the only way to play m3u8 files…
You have many options:
1.- Kodular Video Player component after last update works i don’t test for long time playing. Time ago play well but after some time video player stuck or look in pause.
2.- Kodular Webview component works but don’t have autoplay. User need tap button to play.
3.- CustomWebView extension take a look to my post CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer
4.- Video Background extension [PAID] VideoBackground Extension: Fully Customisable VideoPlayer, Set layout background as video (TikTok Type Aia Included)
5.- Use Activity Starter to open external app to play video. Look my post (you found info about this) Custom video player: No extension

There are extensions created but it is not supported by its developer, for this reason I don’t mention them.


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