CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Try evaluate js on page loaded

var video = document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0];

This will play 1st video of webview

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CustomWebView - lite don’t have a block for JS

Oh…I thought you are using original extension.
In main extension there is a property for it.

@nikzdreamer2001 I have no idea what you want to achieve with progress but I would like to clarify one thing:
You will never get event for a non-active webview although it will continue its processes
Some events are exception such as Download event.
I will add a feature in next update that will pause non-active webviews and their processes.


Yes thank you, but original extension don’t work on my android 5.1.1.
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong !!!
I used
CustomWebView - Lite > LoadUrl block to play m3u8 file and need press to play.
CustomWebView > Go To URL block don’t work (show white screen).
Time ago in Draco version of kodular webviewer autoplay m3u8, but after Eagle version webviewer don’t play m3u8

Please show relevant blocks.

CustomWebView - Lite work but only i need press to play

blocks (6)

CustomWebView - Original show white screen

Both have the same link.

I knew it :grin:
You are not setting active webview
Use SetWebView method and set specific webview to active.

Thanks, now work fine, but video don’t autoplay

You can add autoplay for m3u8 file ?
Or i need to created my own html player for autoplay ?

Either set property before loading file or reload file to see changes.

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Thanks so much for you time. After do some changes autoplay m3u8 work fine !!!

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CustomWebView post’s will increase even with no updates

713th post

REACH 1000!

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You may understand by this

here my tab 2 is completely loaded…

is it possible to get progress of active tab without using when progress changed event

Yes it is possible.
I shall add in next update.

pause the non active webview will not be efficient…

and having block like this
for progress will allow us to check whether the webview is loaded completely or not

But why you want that?
PageLoaded event is triggered when page has loaded completely.

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PageLoaded will only work on active tab

I will add a method to get progress by id.

That’s what i’m saying

would you like to like to tell that when the next update will be released?

I am not sure.
But you can expect it to released till 25th.