How To play mpd Video Link

Hello, Everyone I want to know How to Play Video Link

just set the source property in the video player to the video link.That works with almost every video direct link.I didn’t test it with mpd videos.Why you don’t test it yourself??

I already Tested but not working because any player and any extension available in community Only can play Mp4 , m3u8 or other formats.But Mpd format is Different type of HLS.
Also HLS extension not working

You can try this one. it should work:

I already say that

I haven’t noticed that :man_facepalming:
I’ve saw that Deep host exo player can play it.See here:

Also in Deephost extension Supported Formats Are m3u8 and Mp4

So you need to convert the mpd to mp4 so it can be played by the native video player.It isn’t good to use it as it isn’t supported in all devices.

You know MPD link is segmented in two formats audio and video when it plays. A online radiant player is playing very smoothly but radiant player can’t be use in app . so I want any other way to play it

There is a way which is to play it in a webviewer.that may work but it isn’t compatible with every device.

Radiant player
but how we put mpd link in this by app
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The only way I know to play mpd video is by creating your own html video player. You can created a html video player with dash.js

Take a look at these links:

In android I’m almost sure that autoplay don’t work ( I hope I’m wrong ).

Thanks ,but How Can I add dash.js because there is no download link for this js lib

To do that you need some knowledge of html code.
Look here:


Thanku so much

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You’re welcome. Remember if this is the solution, mark the post so that other members know what it is (not now do you test and if this works).

You know if it works for mp4?