How to play sound contained in the sound list?

how to make
when soundd 1 is clicked it is added to the list.
Likewise if soundd2 is clicked it is added to the list.

then if play is clicked it will play the sound one by one in the playlist

blocks (1)

rintis_copy.aia (2.1 MB)

how to make it? thank you

Index (1 or 2)
index 0 does not exist, i guess you have the MP3 in the assets

  • if they are just short sounds use the correct component
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two things need to change, one is file name and another one is index number (from 0 to 1)



download the AIA and find such nonsense, it doesn’t make you want to give solutions.

thanks for helping.
I have solved the problem with the following block

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Thank You :+1:

At first it will seem unnecessary to delete 1, 2 or 3 blocks, but I assure you that as your projects get bigger, you will understand the idea of ​​simplifying and optimizing. greetings and good luck in your work.

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Thank you for the advice