How To Play Video Online Url Start With "rtsp://"

I Want To Know How To Use rtsp URL In Kodular To Stream Video.
RTSP:- Real time Streaming Protocol.

You can use the default “videoplayer” component available in kodular and setting it’s “source” to the URL.

no it doesnt work when i checked it, I had to load url in web viewer

Hmm, are you the same person?

What do you mean by same person

I think something is wrong with Video Player.
It takes a lot of time to stream videos from urls.

Better use webviewer to play onlinevVideos

There is no problem with the videoplayer component. It may be due to slow hosting servers that is providing the video

I am using Cloudinary for streaming.
Is it slow?

I Think You All Not Consider rtsp.

Waiting For Response.