How to play videos in youtube player randomly?

I want to play videos in youtube player randomly. so i am using airtable to get the data but also wants to play the next random video once the running video ends. so i am taking the time from airtable randomly and the video id separately…so i have taken a clock but i dont understand how to set the video id randomly in youtube video player and also set the same time to clock.
her is a part of the block

  • Are you trying to download the video id and its length?
  • Why do you want to play back-to-back video for user instead of showing them a list of video IDs (and description) and allowing them to select which one they want to play?

May I ask what you would use the clock for?

I am adding funny videos only so when one funny video ends i want another random video should play.

Then how should i proceed can you please help?

you can use extension of @Deep_Host , extension ca be download from his application,

Video help,

But this is a list view but i want only one video playing area but should play after end of an YouTube video

I want do same thing with this extension but this extension not support YouTube video.

then i will look at youtube player and make a method for you,