How to plus itens of one list


I Need so much know how and i plus the itens of one list.

I have a list with “N” numbers and i need this total.

HelpMee pls

tks s2

Use Lengthoflist block to get total number of list

Hi sr

this only counts and does not sum the values


After getting the total list number then you can do sum

I have some value at list like

R$ 59,90
R$ 98,00
R$ 12,99

I need the some of this, in this case 170,89 and not 3

Are you using ListView?

I’m not…
i’m just using a list ( variable)

try this, it may work


Is your problem solved?
If not then do it like @TechStudy showed.

hiii it’s soved TechStudy thank you so much!!!

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