How to pre select and display a spinner selection?

Hi, the options of my spinner are loaded from a MySQL table as below:
I would like the option “red” to be shown by the spinner as a default selection as the spinner loads so the user (as this is the most often selected) would not need to make the selection.

Use Selection Option of the Spinner.

Like :

Hope it helps

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
Tried that already, Spinner1 remains blank and I still have to click down to select.

Sorry, my real spinner text is: (“Passeio”,“Grande”,“Moto”)

Tried that as well:

Hi, even without a solution on this test screen above I went on to implement this alternative in my main app. There the DB access happens in the authentication page then the spinner options are passed to a second screen. On the second screen all I have is the Spinner1 component and the (set spinner1 - Elements) block.
I would carry on with the development and solve the above problem latter.
But somehow, although is does not work on the test screen above on my main App it works just as I wanted and “Passeio” shows pre selected and I did not have to do a thing for it to work as desired.

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