How to Prevent App from Closing In The Background

I know this has been a topic before, but has anyone found a work around yet?
Currently I use notification style to display a notification so it won’t close in the background. So far my app stays longer than usual (there are still time that it closes, I’m still trying to figure an alternative way).

Can anyone atleast suggest a notification which cannot be cancelled just like the music notification that can’t be closed as long as it is “playing”. I need another one since my app isn’t a music app :sweat_smile:

My app uses floatingView extension, so my main app is minimized while the user can still interact with the floating component. Is there a way to prevent the system from closing my app?

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its actually android version issue
lollipop to android 10…
if u remove app from recent then app completly close…
but i have a solution for u…
get permision of ( ignore battry drain) for ur app…in this way ur app is running in background even its closed from recent by user…

this sounds promising! I’m gonna try this one ou when I wake up.

Is this the one where you edit in manifest?
or should I just request permission using blocks?

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yes use activity starter to get permision

No, that is not correct.

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oppps…but by my point of view may be its worked… may b in actual its not worked

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I guess the only hope now is the paid extension I saw (If it really works)