How to prevent duplication of data upon initializing screen

So my app works you can manually switch “ON/OFF”. Now upon manually as you can see my block some data will be save in airtable depends on what the user triggered.

Now here’s my problem everytime i tried to fetch what the user triggers to use either ON/OFF the duplication data occur. What I just really wanted is that to turn ON/OFF without sending another data upon fetching using firebase.

So I’m expecting output
1.) When the user manually turned ON/OFF it will send a data to airtable.
2.) When the app fetch the data it shouldn’t send a data to airtable

Anyone how can I achieve this, thank youuu!

This is automatic process it seems, once you open immediatly row will be created. So best advise is do not create del ending upon check box value checked or not. Instead you can try some other condition. Because as a default checked option will be clase always…

Your idea is not fair, i hope so .

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yes, you’re right it is a automatic process so yeah I’m thinking of what if, if this condition has match as you can see in the image let’s say the switch turned into true. What if for every condition it matches i’ll add some block that will delete the recently added data in airtable

I’m assuming using this tag but then how could I get the latest Index in Airtable? can you help me with that