How to protect app from activity launcher app

Hello Koders

I want to protect my app from activity launcher app. Anybody can enter any screen in app that made by kodular. Do you guys have any solution of it?

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If you’re talking about this :point_down:

Then I don’t think we can.

But, you can use only 1 screen using VSAs so that the user can open only that screen.

Thanks for your reply

Yeah but i have many screen i cant do that.

But apps made by android studio we can’t open any screen in activity launcher.

Tried with apps like Amazon, GMail, Google, etc.
We can open almost all activities except some which show error.

But, I think what you’re saying is not possible with Kodular.
But I might be wrong too :sweat_smile:

Yeah :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the solution is only using open another screen with start value component by adding if then condition.

In block section When screen initialize if get start value is recent screen then do nothing else close application.

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Wow nice idea :bulb:

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